Our company is focused on high quality products that meet our customer’s needs at a great value. Our company has a broad range of technological knowledge and this is exhibited through our wide selection of product offerings. Technological advancement and quality has always been the driving force behind our factory's development.
High-efficiency Filter Detector-Na Flame Test Desk
The Na flame test desk was manufactured based on the standard test method on the performance of High-dete01.jpgefficiency Air Filter-Permeation rate & Resistance, with the aerosol of the sodium chloride water solution. It intrigues Na with H2 flame at a high temperature to let it give off a characteristic ray of about 589nm, and transfers it to the current value by the optoelectronic converter so as to get the initial efficiency of each filter. Our factory uses the Na flame test desk to detect each high-efficiency filter with clapboard before ex-work.
Filter Detector Used for Ventilation
Common test desk for ventilation is designed and manufactured according to Europe standard EUROVENT4/9-93. In order to detect the overall efficiency of the filter, it uses the Laskin nozzle to produce test aerosol and takes the test filter samples from the beginning to the end status via laser particle counter. Our factory uses the device for sample testing of common filters used for ventilation in terms of GB/T 2828-2003 Counting Sample Detection Program.


High-efficiency Filter Detector-MPPS Test Desk
The device was imported by the use of a leading test method of high-efficiency filter internationally-counting scan method. Testing dust source is the scattering droplets produced by Laskin nozzle. By using thedete04.jpglaser particle counter with large flux to scan and test the whole wind-out surface, the counter gives out the quantity and particle diameter of each dust.
This method not only can be used to test the average efficiency of the filter but also can compare the local efficiency of every point. Our factory uses the device to detect all specifications of high-efficiency filters without clapboard before ex-work.
Foaming Device
It consists of a two-solution auto-mixing spitting device and several digital control worktables and it is used for integrative sealing equipment.


Glue Filling Device
It consists of the two-solution auto-mixing spitting device, the digital control worktable and the ring roller, which is the sealing device for glue filling of the filters.
Chemical Test Desk
The Chemical Test Desk is used for chemical filter detection.

The Sewing Machine 
The sewing machine is introduced from abroad and used for sewing filtering bag of bag-style filters.

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