Air Filters for indoor application

Air Filters for indoor application
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Our air filters for indoor application includes  Mini-pleat filters, air purifier, vacuum cleaners,  activated carbon, etc. We manufacture high  efficiency air filters for air purifiers for home  and commercial use as well as the highest quality  activated carbon. We provide OEM (Original Equipment  Manufacturers) service upon our customers' request.   A broad range of efficiencies is available, and the  shape and dimension of the filter can be customized  to fit the customer’s needs.

Granule and pellet shaped activated carbon  filtration media is one of our advanced products.  With or without chemical and biological  modification, the followings gaseous contaminations  and odors can be effectively eliminated, volatile  organic compound (VOC), formaldehyde, hydrogen  sulfide, nitric oxide, sulfur dioxide, ammonia,  amines, mercury vapor. Etc.



Frame: Paperboard, Plastic, Galvanized Steel, etc

Materials : Fiberglass paper, Synthetic media, Activated carbon

Efficiency range: From G3 to U15 (MERV5 to MERV20)

Minimum wave height for the pleated filter: 17mm for Fiberglass paper; 10 mm for Synthetic media.

The shape and dimension of filters can be made in any feature as customer requirement.

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