Yantair Filtration is the branch office of one of the largest Chinese manufacturers of filtration products. It has two office location with one in USA and one in Canada. Its manufacturer in China has over 40 years experience in the production of air filters and hydraulic filters.

There are two segments of business for the filtration production, one is in the field of air filters and the other is in the field of oil filters.


For the segmentation of air filters production, our manufacturer processes several filter production lines that are introduced from France and German of filtration products for the HVAC, Dust, Clean room, Gas phase markets. There are 10 categories of products including approximately 600 specifications. Our air filters can be found in a wide range of workplaces such as commercial buildings, hospitals, industrial plants and  clean rooms for sensitive electronic equipment, biopharmaceutical, power generation, semiconductor, environment protection, food & beverage, gas turbine, etc. For the segmentation of hydraulic filters production, the outstanding features of the products have reasonably resulted in diverse application of its famous brand filters and filter elements in China.

We are capable of manufacturing filters, filter elements, mechanical parts and accessories that are widely used in metallurgy, engineering, fuel & chemicals, industrial, processing, hydraulic & lubrication, semiconductor, and diesel engines etc. The products includes hydraulic Filter-Strainer Breather Cap, High pressure filters, middle pressure filters, low pressure filters, return line filters, spin-on filters, suction strainer filters, oil filtration unit for hydraulic filter carts, etc.


Our manufacturer devotes much attention on research and development of our products, by utilizing advanced technologies as well as our state of art equipment, plus the intelligence team works including the rich experience engineers and skill workers, we produce high-performance filters in compliance with ISO9001:2000 and  ISO 14001 standards and some of our products are with UL authorized certification.

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