TANX Panel Chemical Filter

TANX Panel Chemical Filter
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Product Detail

TANX Chemical Air Filters are designed to efficiently remove odors and contaminated gases. It may be found in commercial and industrial buildings, especially used for high-class central air condition system.


  • High quality capacity sorbents

  • Reliable performance

  • Easy to install and maintenance

  • Low operation cost

Sorbents type:

PIA: Remove sulfureted hydrogen, sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxide, formaldehyde and ethane etc.

N4G1 and N4G2: Remove benzene, toluene, dimethylbenzene, ozone, and other odors.

PCM: PIA and N4G1 blend

N4A1: Remove acid gas

N4B1: Remove alkaline gas

N4L1: Remove chlorine

N4R1: Remove I125 and I 131


Frame: Galvanized

Temperature:  ≤50℃

Humidity: ≤85%

Technical Data:


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