APP Panel Air Filters with Replaceable Media

APP Panel Air Filters with Replaceable Media
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Product Detail

The APP panel filters with replaceable synthetic  media suit for various applications:

  • prefilters for AHUs and other ventilation systems

  • prefilters for gas turbines

  • for family sized AHUs

  • special industries such as nuclear , defense


Depth 2"Series; Depth 4" series

Final Resistance:

APP panel filters:250 ~ 300  Pa


APP panel filters        G3 and G4

Arrestance                 80% ~ 90%

Dust-spot                  40%

ASHRAE52.2              MERV5 ~ MERV8


Technical Data:


YANTAIR makes various APP Panel filters other than the sizes listed above.   

Due to the limits of transportation, the size limits for H and W are 620mm and 900mm.

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