GG Traditional HEPA Filters (High Efficiency Particulate Air)

GG Traditional HEPA Filters (High Efficiency Particulate Air)
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Product Detail

GG Traditional HEPA  Filters (High Efficiency Particulate Air) are  constructed to meet the needs of critical  applications in a cost effective manner.  There is a  selection of frame materials including galvanized  steel, stainless steel, aluminum frame or medium  density board frame to be used to construct the  filter’s frame.   A band of media pleated back and  forth over ridged aluminum separators or card paper  board extended from end to end.


  • High humidity  applications

  • Frames are  available in a variety of materials

  • Low pressure drop

  • Higher rated air  flows

  • ASHRAE Standard  Test 

  • UL 900 Class 1


Frame: Galvanized Steel or Stainless Steel,  Aluminum, Medium density board Media: Fiberglass  
Efficiency: H13(≥99.95% at MPPS), DOP 99.99% –  MERV18 Temperature: ≤90°C 
Separators: Aluminum, Card paper   Humidity:  
Sealant: Polyurethane   with aluminum separators, ≤100%
Recommended final pressure drop: ≤2.4 Inch wg with card paper separators, ≤85%


The GG HEPA  offers the option of galvanized steel or stainless steel  as material for the frame.  The metal frame allows for  greater strength and encloses the media pack.   The  moisture resistant media pack is protected by hemmed  edged on the aluminum or card paper board separators. 



HEPA filters remove a broad range of airborne contaminants,  including fine dust, smoke and radioactive  particles. They are the most efficient air filters  being used for commercial and cleanroom  environments. HEPA filters have the applications  such as hospital, pharmaceutical, electronics, food  processing, laboratories, etc.

Technical Data:


Test Filter Size 24”× 24”×12”,Nominal


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